Chris Evans dressing up as a woman at the age of 19 and 32 years old.


merthur + 2.05/2.06

You need to get out of here. The King’s ordered me to arrest you. What? Catrina’s accused you of taking her seal. But I didn’t. I don’t want to know, and you haven’t got time to explain. If you value your life, you’ll leave Camelot right now. Arthur, she is a troll, and she’s trying to set me up. We’ve been through this. I’m telling the truth. I saw her. I don’t care. You need to leave, Merlin. Go. Go! [-] I fear he may have slipped through our net. You’re very quick to give up the chase. That is because I know my quarry is long gone. How can you be so certain? Well, despite appearances, Merlin isn’t stupid. He must’ve got wind that we were looking for him and left. Outwitting your army in the process. It appears so.


just wanted to do something comicbook-y, and there’s nothing better than Skinny!Steve getting to be a hero. Literally nothing.


Jesus Christ, I just started choking up.

I wish that therapy didn’t have such a stigma. I’ve gone to therapy. It helps to talk.
Tyler Posey at Wizard World Con: Austin, TX (X) October 4, 2014 (via notanotherteenwolfpodcast)